Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India, was liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961.
Sandy beaches, estuaries, and promontories characterize the 65-mile (105-km) coastline of mainland Goa. In the interior region, low, forested plateaus merge with the wooded slopes of the Western Ghats, which rise to nearly 4,000 feet (1,220 metres) on the eastern edge of the state. The two largest rivers are the Mandavi and the Zuvari, between the mouths of which lies the island of Goa (Ilhas). The island is triangular, the apex (called the cape) being a rocky headland separating the harbour of Goa into two anchorages.
The state has been a very important historical and cultural centre since ancient times. In a Hindu scripture Mahabharata it is referred as Gopakpattan or Gomant and in Sutra- Samhita it was mentioned as Govapuri.
The magical land of Goa is a land of celebrations and festivities. Snuggled in the Konkan Coast Belt, It has a long coastline of approx 100 kilometers. Goa is primarily known for its beautiful beaches which are engrossed with oscillating palm trees and an astonishing nightlife. It is a wonderful place embraced by joy & happiness only. However, apart from beaches there is much more in Goa. It is such a destination that combines the charm of the old world fashion with exoticism of the new age. And this is the reason why Goa has always been visited by a huge number of national and international tourists each year. Goa is one such captivating tourist destination in India which has something to offer to every enthusiast traveler coming here, nevertheless of budget and varying travel habits. It is also a popular honeymoon destination. The real beauty of Goa lies in its beautiful beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It also has bountiful flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghat Range and it is classified as a biodiversity hotspot.

Culture :
Goa stands out all across the globe for its legacy of the Portuguese colonial regime of more than 450 years and heritage. The Portuguese came in GOA in the year of 1510 AD, attracted by exotic East and the promise of lucrative spice routes. Its traditional culture has been primarily crafted by the Hindu and Catholic population. Bestowed with better connectivity by airways, railways and roadways, there has been inrush of people from all neighboring states that has shaped variant cultures. People across the country have now come and settled here.

Beaches in Goa :
Despite being the smallest state in India, Goa is synonymous to many captivating things that are best showcase of a life without stress and worries. The multitude of beaches in Goa offer a range of activities such as beautiful walks along the palm fringed shores sprawled with unique shells and intriguing boat rides. There are range of beach huts where tourist can stay in and restaurants in which one can taste local and delicious sea food. There are numerous beaches in the Goa but the beach that is perfect for you will fully depend upon the kind of experience you want to have. Some of the popular beaches of Goa can be named as Arambol, Agonda, Anjuna and Vagator, Calangute, Candolim, Cavelossim, Colva, Dona Paula – a popular beach. Palolem, Sinquierem, Bogomolo – a beautiful and serene beach near Vasco Da Gama.

Museum and Science Centre in Goa
Goa has three important museums viz. the Naval Aviation Museum, the Goa State Museum and the National Institute of Oceanography. There are only three aviation museum in India the others are in Delhi and Bengaluru. The Goa Science Center located in Miramar; Panji is also one of the tourist spot for science enthusiasts. The National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) is located in Dona Paula.

Dance and Music of Goa
Dekhnni, Fugdi, Corridinho, Mando, Dulpod and Fado are some of the famous traditional Goan art form. Goan Catholics are mainly fond of social gathering and Tiatr. Music and dance is integral part of every Goan home as their culture is high influenced by Portuguese history. There is a popular saying that “Goans are born with music and sport”.

Beach recreational

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Goa that does not need any introduction  is a favored tourist destination of people from around the world. With its vast stretches of silvery beaches...
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